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May 26 2012

1 More Week

I always hate the first blog post: but there is always a beginning to all new chapters. I graduated with a BA in English from the University of Alabama in December and had no idea all this was waiting for me. I’m a lover of English, poetry, open sunroofs, football Saturdays in the south.

I was admitted to Teach for America last November and knew next to nothing about the KC region (aside from a ridiculous road trip my sophomore year of college). My assigned subject area is ESL…unfortunately I have taken ZERO Spanish classes. Although up to 31 different languages are spoken at several high schools in Kansas City, I have a feeling Je parle un peu de francais isn’t really going to come in handy. I have no idea what I’m getting into, and I don’t have a problem admitting it. I’m informed in that I don’t know what this year holds.

I can tell you that I hope this year holds friends. I hope this year holds students who have a change of heart. I hope this new chapter means a chance to learn a little more about myself.

So bring on the fountains and the BBQ (though Dreamland will always hold a place in my heart), bring on farmer’s markets and others who are passionate about these students too.

I’m thrilled to get started in knowing KC and spending the summer learning how to teach in Tulsa (plus running the Color Run with my other corps members…), but for now, I’ll try to soak up the Alabama sun and enjoy this last week with my family. Kansas City is 12 hours away from Alabama. 11 hours further than I’ve ever lived. Send a little prayer my way.


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