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Jun 11 2012


TFA is strategic. They let you fall in love with a place and then send you to hotter than heck institute.

(I exaggerate a bit, but I really do miss KC very much.)


Last week we had the opportunity to get to know Kansas City. And it was beautiful. The history of KC is beautiful and remarkably well-preserved in many areas. Though it certainly has its challenges to overcome (including Troost Avenue as a socioeconomic dividing line), I love that city. I love those kids we got to observe during summer school. I love all the resources the city in and of itself has to offer.

I also got the chance to build relationships with the 90 other corps members coming into KC. I found three awesome girls who I will be living with (Team Cherry!) and now have a formal placement:

Southwest Early College Campus (High School ELL Teacher)

I am thrilled. The school is actually just a few blocks from my house and I know a few other corps members who will be working alongside me. The flip side to this is my placement here in Tulsa. I will be teaching 4th grade reading for the next five weeks. Which is…intresting.

I don’t have an ELL background. Literally. No Spanish whatsoever. And while Lewis and Clark Elementary School here in Tulsa is 65% Hispanic, I’m concerned with how this will relate to my classroom this fall. I want to do the best job I can. I don’t want to go fail these kids in KC. So while I can’t really believe this is happening, I will be teaching with my collab team starting next Monday. Scary. But exciting.


For now, I’ve got to get ready for Opening Ceremonies. Wendy Kopp will be speaking at our institute tonight and I can’t wait to hear her thoughts. I’m ready to have our region all together again.


I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers– while it’s all still crazy and busy here, I really love this. Not many people have this opportunity and I am so grateful that someone along the way thought highly enough of me to put me here. With these incredible kids. With these transformational leaders. I know the weeks ahead will be beyond busy, but I am so thankful.



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  1. You are going to do a great job!!!

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